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Why Windham?

Windham is an eastern Connecticut community that serves as a hub for regional services. Located approximately 30 minutes east of Hartford, 20 minutes north of the Mohegan Sun Casino, and 40 minutes north of Foxwoods Casino and Resort, the Town includes the historic downtown of Willimantic and three rural villages.

The town of Windham is made up of North Windham, Windham Center, South Windham, and Willimantic. Today Windham is in the middle of a renaissance. North Windham is seeing a development surge and Windham Center and South Windham are filling up with new homeowners. In downtown Willimantic, there is a major revitalization taking place that will change the fabric of the town. 

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Featured Event

Nightmare on Main

Oct 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21

Take a dark journey to discover the chilling origins of Halloween following the traditions through time from the ancients trying to avoid evil spirits to the holiday celebration in recent times. Nightmare on Main is an annual event that creates a chilling experience loosely based on history and donates funds to area nonprofits.


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Spooktober Events

October 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21  – Nightmare on Main: All Hallows Eve, Creeping Thru Time
10/18 (Wed.) – Stories From the Crypt
10/29 (Sat.) – CT Witch Trials
10/21 (Sat.) – Grave Tales
10/26 (Thurs.) Ghosts of Windham
10/27 (Fri.)  – Dinner in the Wax Museum
Saturdays from 12-4 – Mr. Smith’s Wake
Month of October – Wax Museum


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